Dr. Kevin Green, LMFT

Dr. Green received his master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Kentucky in 1999. He also earned a PhD in Family Social Science with an emphasis in Family Communication in 2007 from the University of Minnesota. He was drawn to therapy as a result of his parents’ divorce. He has a strong desire to help couples and families heal and strengthen their relationships.

In his clinical work, he has worked with individuals and couples on a variety of issues over the years including depression, anxiety, sexual compulsions, and issues related to parenting and marital strain. He has also worked with the LGBTQ+ population and has enjoyed helping individuals and families in this area. He has worked in both agency settings and in private practice. He typically treats individuals from 16 years of age to adult and works with many couples as well.

Dr. Green believes the strongest motivator for change is the connection with others in meaningful relationships. He like to surround myself with close friends and family, and as he does so, he feels energized and happy. He also tries to take time to rejuvenate his mind, body, and spirit through meditation, going for walks, and prayer. Listening to music and journaling are also key parts of his good mental health process.

Dr. Green is a single father of four children, and he loves spending time with his family. He also loves socializing and connecting with friends and others. He loves baking, listening to music, and food, especially eating it. He loves watching and talking about movies. He enjoys musicals too. Lastly, he is a huge Coca-Cola fan!

Dr. Green believe people will make significant changes on their own if given the right resources. People get stuck in the daily tasks of life, and many have had some very hurtful experiences in their families. Sometimes the best initial resource is having a willing and able person to listen and understand their story so they can begin healing. An authentic caring connection can be one of the most powerful healing elements. Providing a new perspective or outlook can be very empowering for individuals. His hope is to help others in this journey as they seek healing and understanding.