John Webb, Owner/Executive Director

John Webb lives in Salt Lake City, Utah where he was born and raised. He comes from a family of entrepreneurs, so entrepreneurship is in his blood. After 7 years of working in the tech industry, John was not pleased with where his career trajectory was heading, not to mention that he wasn’t feeling like he was making a difference in peoples’ lives.

He decided to pivot and partner with Nora Mental Health as the master franchisee of the Utah, Arizona, and Colorado territories.

John’s passion for the industry comes from his own experience with his personal struggles with mental health. He learned that finding the right therapist and receiving high quality therapy can be very difficult. From clinic to clinic, he found that there were often 6-8 month waitlists to see a therapist. He knew that something needs to be done to make therapy more accessible and affordable. After researching different companies, he decided to partner with Nora Mental Health!

John loves food, all things sports, the Utah Jazz, but most importantly he values spending time with his friends and family. You can often find him in his (surprising) happy place: on the golf course.