When it comes to available therapists, Utah ranks almost dead last. That’s what a national study indicated on access to mental health care for adults (Utah ranks 46th out of 51).

As someone who lives in Utah, I can tell you this is extremely frustrating. No one who needs critical attention should have to wait that long for quality care. 

Instead, I spent months calling anywhere for a good therapist, only to be told “it’s a 6-8 month waiting list.” I went from discouraged to demoralized in no time at all.

The Nora Experience

I’ve shared in an earlier post why I decided to partner with Nora Mental Health

What’s more important is why YOU should come to Nora Utah. 

What REALLY sets Nora apart from everyone else?

For starters, we’re proud of these 4 things:

  1. Nora is client obsessed, and will do everything to provide the best mental health for every client that comes through our door.
  2. We have a 24 hour call service. On the rare occasion that we happen to miss your call, you’re guaranteed a call back the next day. And once connected, you answer a few questions and are paired with a high quality therapist that is perfect for your needs.
  3. We are hyper-focused on our clinic atmosphere and experience. We have dialed it down to the smallest detail to ensure that when you visit a Nora clinic, your experience will be world-class.
  4. We have a team of top-rated licensed therapists who are carefully selected from a large pool of leading candidates. Our team provides a wide variety of mental health services that fit what you’re looking for.

But these aren’t the main reasons.

The Main Reason that Sets Nora Apart

These are all important reasons you will have the best experience at Nora Mental Health. 

But the most important reason that sets Nora apart — the #1 driver of our success and better mental health — is our AVAILABILITY.

The demand for mental health is growing, and available therapists are not keeping up with that demand. Remember, Utah ranks 46th out of 51 states in lack of available therapists for adults! 

The Nora Promise: to ensure that you will be heard and your needs will be addressed, immediately. No one should have to hear they will be waiting 6-8 months for mental health counseling, no matter where you live. 

As a franchise here in Utah, Nora is expanding to many locations across the state. This is how we will keep this promise!

You’re invited!

Please come check us out and see for yourself. Invest in your health and see what Nora can do for you.

We know you will love your experience at Nora Mental Health, but we also know that you shouldn’t have to wait so long to get here.